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The Intolerable Acts
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date  9/3/2002
Written by Doug McIntyre
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The Boston Tea Party
United We Stand

The Intolerable Acts was the second episode of Liberty's Kids.


After the events of the Boston Tea Party, Moses, James, Henri, and Sarah are caught in the middle of the Intolerable Acts. Meanwhile, Benjamin Franklin is on trial in Britain.


Moses, James, Henri, and Sarah stayed at Phylis Wheatley's place after narrowly escaping the Boston Tea Party. Sarah wrote to her mother, Lady Phillips, about the event and how she wished that she wasn't involved. The situation worsened as British soldiers filled the streets.

The following morning, James and Henri visited the docks to count the British troops as they arrived. Boston was closed by the orders of Parliament and was to be occupied by the British. James knew that this was significant, and that it needed to be reported.