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Sarah/James ("Sames" "Jarah" "Jamah") is the most popular Liberty's Kids 'ship' (pairing) in fanfiction. It has been hinted that they may have romantic feelings toward each other. James has shown jealousy toward Sarah 's interest in other boys. Sarah always showed interest in James even though they fought a lot. The most obvious relationship towards Sarah and James is that they care for each other and are really close friends. If Liberty’s Kids hadn’t been cancelled, then we may have had a better chance of Sarah and James courting, marrying, or possibly starting a family.

There are many fan fictions about "Jarah". In one episode Sarah blushes, and then there is the episode where Sarah and James have to pretend that they are engaged! And then when Sarah comes back from England in the episode, In Praise Of Ben, they awkwardly hug! There are quite a few "Jarah" moments in Liberty's Kids!