Molly Corbin
Molly Corbin
Hi! I am Margret but my friends call me Molly.
Vital statistics
Title 'Molly Pitcher'
Gender Female
Race White
Faction America
Health Good
Level Camp Follower
Age 22
Status Alive
Location Philadelphia
Molly Corbin was a woman whose husband fought in the Revolutionary war and after he died protecting Fort Washington, she took up his post and kept fighting until the fort was lost.

Molly Corbin appears in the Captain Molly episode.

Historically Edit

Margaret Cochran Corbin (November 12, 1751 – January 16, 1800) was a woman who fought in the American Revolutionary War. On November 16, 1776, her husband, John Corbin, was one of some 600 American soldiers defending Fort Washington in northern Manhattan from 4,000 attacking Hessian troopsunder British command. Margaret, too nervous to let her husband go into battle alone, decided she wanted to go with him. Since she was a nurse, she was allowed to accompany her husband as a nurse for the injured soldiers. John Corbin was on the crew one of two cannons the defenders deployed; when he fell in action, Margaret Corbin took his place and continued to work the cannon until she too was seriously wounded. It is said that Corbin was standing next to her husband when he fell during battle. Immediately, she took his post, and because she had watched her husband, a trained artilleryman, fire the cannon so much, she was able to fire, clean and aim the cannon with great ease and speed. This impressed the other soldiers and was the beginning of her military career. She later became the first woman in U.S. history to receive a pension from Congress for military service because she could no longer work due to injury and was enlisted into the Corps of Invalids.