Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams
The Beautiful Abigail Adams
Vital statistics
Title Future Second First Lady
Gender Female
Race White
Faction Boston Strong
Health Good
Level Family of Presidents
Age 29 (1773)
Status Well
Location Quincy, Massachusetts

Abigail Adams was wife to the 2nd U.S. President - John Adams - and mother to the 6th U.S. President - John Quincy Adams.

She urged her husband to "remember the ladies" when writing the nation's new laws and she opposed slavery.

While her husband was away for long periods of time on diplomatic missions and serving to form a new nation, she managed the family farm and raised four children. Her letters to her husband detailed life during the Revolution and the hardships she and others endured.

Personality Edit

Abigail is a caring and thoughtful person, willing to sacrifice her time with her husband John for the revolution. She loved John dearly.

Relationships Edit

John Adams: John was Abigail's husband and friend, but when the revolution started he constantly was away from home. Although Abigail was willing to give up her husband, she was sad when he had to leave. The couple wrote letters to each other throughout the series to keep in touch. She believed him to be a "Brazen man" as she said to Sarah when she first met her.

Sarah Phillips: Sarah became one of Abigail's close friends during the series. Abigail cares for Sarah almost as much as she cares for her own children. Her care came to use when Sarah arrived to a smallpox-infected Boston, and Sarah goes through the innoculation for smallpox. They really had six kids but one died from cancer.

John Quincy Adams: Abigail cares for her son.
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Abigail Adams is voiced by Annette Bening.